Excavator Attachments

HKE are suppliers of wear parts and high performance Excavator Attachments throughout Australia.

We proudly supply genuine Australian made attachments for the Excavation, Earth Moving, Construction, Quarrying and Mining Industries.

High performance Excavator Buckets from HKE will improve productivity and performance and are designed for longevity. All of our Attachments carry a 12-month warranty.

Our customers can choose from the following Excavator Buckets and Attachments depending on their needs:

General Purpose Buckets

  • Used for material densities around 1600 - 1800kg/m3, complete with teeth and adaptors as a standard.

Rock Buckets

  • Used for heavy going working conditions, with a mix of rock and overburden.
  • Used for materials with a density of around 2000 kg/m3.

Heavy Duty Buckets

  • Similar to standard rock bucket but constructed from high tensile material.
  • Rear wear plate is in one piece to add maximum protection to the back of the bucket.
  • Most robust Excavator Bucket in the range.

Single Tyne Rippers

  • All Rippers are fitted with Replaceable GET.
  • Replacement teeth are available as a spare parts option.
  • Rippers have been robustly built and the shape of the ripper tyne promotes excellent penetration and penetration depth.

Tilt Buckets

  • Tilting buckets are ideal for finishing batters, dam walls and drains where the excavator sits on level ground. The batters or vee drains are formed by adjusting the angle of the bucket, providing precise control of the finished job. The main pivot point of the tilt bucket is fitted with greasable, replaceable bushes to provide years of trouble free operation. The bucket is fitted with an internal box section to stiffen up the top end of the bucket.

Mud Buckets, Digging Buckets, Trim & Cleanup Buckets

  • The Buckets have been designed for the surface clean-up, and for loading operations with things like clay, earth and a variety of materials used on construction sites.

Skeleton Buckets

  • Improved bucket geometry for more efficient digging and sorting. 
  • Heavy duty robust construction for increased strength and durability.
  • Any Bucket width - depth - capacity combination.
  • For most types of sifting and sorting operations.
  • Crossbars for added strength.
  • Extra thick sieve bars to sort material.
  • Choice of wear part systems to suit your application.

Contractors Grapples

  • Grapples have been designed to grab a variety of materials used on construction sites. They are great for general jobs of picking up branches, greenwaste and a variety of other construction site materials. The grapple has not been designed to be used for any demolition work, hard waste recycling operations, hauling of crushed concrete or extended periods of heavy abrasive loading. It should not be used for any type of rock placing work into retaining walls.

Compactor Wheels

  • Increase the versatility of your machine.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Proven footprint to give the best compaction.
  • Designed to reduce clogging in clay soils.
  • Interchangeable head brackets to suit different excavators.
  • Compactor wheels supplied in a range of sizes and widths to suit your application and machine size   

Loader Buckets

  • Heavy duty top box construction, allowing maximum transfer of loads into the bucket hangers.
  • Good basket shape enables the bucket to penetrate into the pile with less effort. The bucket consistently fills to maximum capacity improving machine productivity and lowering operating costs.
  • Correct choice of wear parts and cutting edge systems, lowers production costs and improves machine productivity.
  • The heavy duty boxed floor construction is superior to all other conventional loader buckets. Because these buckets have such a strong base, they will outlast all other loader buckets and require significantly less maintenance during their life.
  • Bucket width and capacity can be designed around the material density, operating conditions and trucks or bins being loaded.
  • The centre hanger construction is superior to any other conventional loader bucket and is especially designed for the Z-bar wheel loaders in the marketplace today.
  • These are the most robust available today and are manufactured from a combination of high tensile steel plate and conventional mild steel plate.