Hydro Excavation Units & Vacuum Tanks

All Hydro Vacuum Tanks can be made to fit your application and your truck. All of the vacuum units are manufactured by skilled engineers and specifications can be requested by you.

A typical specification could be:

  • Mild Steel plate with two torrespherical ends.
  • Tank fitted with one baffle and a rear manway.
  • Tank has a calibrated dip stick.
  • Roll over turret full length with s/steel air operated hand rail.
  • Front side mounted access ladder and a hose tray on either side of length of tank.
  • Top mounted manways also primary shut off with camIock fitting.
  • Secondary shut off unit with pressure relief valves, vacuum gauge and drain ball valve.
  • Inlet deflector plates with brass ball valves and cam locks/dustcovers.
  • Outlet with brass ball valve with camlocks/dustcovers fitted to the lowest point of rear door. Also a wash out catchment tray fitted to the tank.
  • EPA sample pot fitted with a ball valve and camlocks/dustcover.
  • Sight glasses fitted on rear door.
  • EIP holders fitted L/H, R/H, and at rear door of the tank.
  • Rear work/rev lights brackets piping to houses wiring.
  • Operating signage will be fitted to all valves and devices.
  • All works carried out on the above unit will generally comply with the Victorian EPA regulations.
  • All flexible piping will consist of steel reinforced rubber oil suction hose, and clamped with bolted clamps.
  • Tank to be hydrostatic tested.
  • Sandblasting, primed and painted in two pack enamel.

Australian Hydro Vac Equipment & Sales are happy to advise you on a specification to suit your application.

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Vain, Blower and Liquid Ring Pumps are priced separately and supplied to your specification.