Truck Dumpers

HKE Truck Dumpers - Advanced - Heavy Duty

Optimise your unloading cycle times with a HKE Truck Dumper. With continuous loading the flow can be optimised, delivering time savings and efficiencies to the process.

Truck dumpers are designed and developed by HKE to withstand the harsh conditions in Australia and are durable and strong, in the long term reducing maintenance costs and increasing profitability.

Truck Dumpers are specifically designed to suit the most common requirements and can be customised to suit a custom application. Our Truck Dumpers are capable of continuous operation, handling various Truck and Trailer sizes.

HKE truck dumpers are capable of accommodating various materials from truck and trailer to other materials handling equipment. They are convenient to operate under tough conditions, easy to maintain and built to last.

Other typical features of our Truck Dumpers include:

  • Pit bridge, hydraulically operated.
  • Tipping Platform - Up to 30 metres long and up to 63 degrees tilt angle.
  • Trailer restraint, mounted at main cylinder lifting point.
  • Tyre guide rails.
  • Trailer tie-down eyes.
  • Backstop, drive through adjustable height.
  • Capable of continuous operation, handling various Truck and Trailer sizes. 

Extract the best results from your unloading process with a Truck Dumper from HKE.

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