Trucks Demountable/ Hook Lift

Part of the vacuum range of tanks, the demountable units allow your business to maximise the flexibility of your vehicles. 100% removable in minutes the demountable tanks supply all of the safety, quality and productivity of the standard tanks with added flexibility.

Specifications could include:

  • Mild steel plate with torrespherical ends.
  • Hydraulically operated fully opening rear door.
  • Tank to be fitted with three external channel rings (for extra barrel support).
  • Hook Lift/Skid Rails to be fitted to the tank base with rear roller wheels and support frame.
  • Roll over turret full length with s/steel or aluminium air operated hand rail.
  • Front or l/h side mounted access ladder.
  • Two top mounted manways, also primary shut off with camlock fitting.
  • Secondary shut off unit with pressure relief valves, vacuum gauge and drain ball valve.
  • Inlet with deflector plates with brass ball valves and camlocks/dustcovers.
  • Inlet super vac fittings at top front and top rear of the tank.
  • Outlet with brass ball valve with camlocks/dustcovers fitted to the lowest point of rear door. Also, a wash out catchment tray is fitted to the tank.
  • EPA sample pot fitted with a ball valve and camlocks/dustcover.
  • Sight glasses fitted on rear.
  • EIP holders fitted LH, R/H, and at rear door of the tank.
  • Rear work/rev lights brackets piping to houses wiring.
  • Operating signage will be fitted to all valves and devices.
  • Operators Manual and a Spare Parts Kit will be supplied with the tank.
  • All works carried out on the above unit will generally comply with the Victorian EPA regulations.
  • All flexible piping will consist of steel reinforced rubber oil suction hose, and clamped with bolted clamps.

All Hydro Vac products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and products ensuring you get the best possible service life.

You can also choose from one of the recommended specifications or you can customise any unit to your needs.

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